Sound Waves

Medium for Sound

The Educational System today teaches us that the air or wind in our atmosphere is the medium for our sound to travel in order for us to hear it. They believe when sound is made or something vibrates in the atmosphere, it moves the air particles around it.

Those air particles in turn then vibrate and move the air particles around them and so on carrying the pulse of the vibration through the air. This is completely wrong and 100% false.

Sound does not vibrate air particles and then move through the air as is currently being taught in the educational system.

Common Sense

You can easily understand this with a little Common Sense

If the air or wind was the medium for our sound to travel in order for us to hear it.

If someone talks to you on a calm day and their voice sounds normal.

Then if they say the same things on a windy day, their voice would sound as if it has been sped up because the air particles that are supposed to be vibrating the sound waves are getting to you much quicker.

This does not happen. A person’s voice sounds the same speed in any velocity of wind. Even in a wind travelling at 100km an hour or even more.


So if a person’s voice sounds the same speed at any velocity of wind then it is logical to understand that the particles making up the air or wind are not the medium being used by the sound waves.

Sound is not a wind vibration machine, it is a radio wavelength vibration of Electromagnetic Energy moving through 'the rotating sea of flux lines of Space Saturation'.

Space Saturation is the medium which moves all Wavelengths of Electromagnetic Energy.

More Incorrect Assumptions

There are many more important things the educational system teaches to our children that are also 100% incorrect assumptions.

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