David Parkes

My Work as a Physicist has enabled me to discover many things about the Sub-Atomic Level

About the Author and his Discoveries

A New Theory of Everything using

only Electromagnetic Energy

David S. Parkes was born in Melbourne Australia.

Over the course of his life, his work as a Physicist has enabled him to explain exactly how the Sub-Atomic Level grows, expands and creates everything we know about in this physical Universe with an amazing amount of supportive evidence to support his findings.

David Parkes is a pioneer in the field of understanding how our Universe is made up of Electromagnetic Energy. He formed the phrase “We do not live in a Nuclear Universe; We live in a Universe made up of Electromagnetic Energy”. He then went on to explain in detail how it all happens.

David believes the same forces that govern electromagnetism also governs the creation, attraction and expansion of matter, to not only create every Atom in the Universe it also governs the energy contained within.

His New ‘Theory of Everything’ explains in absolute detail how Energy, Matter and Life are created with just the physical properties of Electromagnetic Energy, (attraction, repulsion and sparking).

The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion was first proposed by the Australian Scientist in February of 2002 on his website. However, it has been largely ignored by the scientific community for over 20 years. This was mainly due to the fact that scientists were not ready to let go of the ‘Standard Model’, the big bang theory or Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

Due to the James Webb Space Telescope causing a Crisis in Cosmology, many scientists around the world are now looking for answers that don’t involve the ‘Standard Model’. This has encouraged David Parkes to rewrite his ‘Theory of Everything’, to publish it in a book and use videos on his website to make it easier for all people to understand, even if they are not interested in science.