I am a Scientist, a Physicist, an Inventor.

A Short Story of My Life

My Work as a Physicist has enabled me to explain exactly

How the Sub-Atomic Level Grows, Expands
and Creates everything we know about
in this Physical World we live in, with
Absolute Proof of Accuracy.

David 2(1)

David Parkes

My life of learning

All Life – All Matter – All Energy

I have spent my life learning about everything I could find out about Life. I wanted to know about Energy and where it comes from. I wanted to know how the Universe works and what makes it tick. I needed to know how the Sub-Atomic Level creates and builds the Physical World we live in as well as how it creates the Stars, Planets, Moons and Galaxies. I wanted to know about Life and how Life is created and grows and expands to become all of the different types of life forms we have on the Planet today.

To cut a long story short, when others would go out to have fun, I was usually home learning.

Eight years old

My journey of learning began in 1965 when I was only eight years old. My science teacher told us how the Atom worked and I said he was wrong. He laughed at me and then carried on with what he was teaching.

At the end of the day he kept me behind when everyone else left and had a talk with me. He said no one really knows what happens at the level of the Atom or how it creates our Physical World, and if I could find out, then the World will be very grateful. Boy was he wrong !

My science teacher lit a fire inside of me that day and I have been on this path ever since. Over the following year every now again he would give me a book to read and learn from. This nurtured my thoughts and helped me to choose my direction in life.

My search for knowledge on science became the only thing I really cared about and it would alienate me from everyone around me. This gave me more time to study so on the most part I didn’t really care about it, although there were times during my life I was quite lonely.

It’s a very hard life when people don’t like you because you are different and don’t like the sames things as them. With no-one to talk to it spurred me on even more to make sure I found all the answers.


To cut a long story short…

By 1998 I had finally put the last piece of the puzzle in place and achieved my life long goal of finding out all of the knowledge I had been searching for, over those past 33 years.

Over the next 4 years I put it into a collection of parts to make up the whole, which I then called “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion”. I started this understanding with a very specific Phrase which I created to help people understand what it was all about.

It reads… “We do not live in a Nuclear Universe. We Live in a Universe made up of Electromagnetic Energy”. I then went on to explain every detail about how the Universe is made up of Electromagnetic Energy in all three states of existence; Energy, Matter and Life and I showed how it all worked and connected it all with one basic process and one expansion ratio.

I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do not live in a Nuclear Universe and that the Sun does not have a nuclear reaction going on inside of it.

My first Website and Total Disappointment

I then built a Website and put it on the Internet in February 2002.

I willingly gave this knowledge free to all of the leading scientists of the World because I could not foretell what was about to happen. Not only was my knowledge rejected vehemently by everyone in the scientific community, after a couple of months these people started getting vicious. They attacked me as a person and verbally gave threats to my well being.

I could not believe what was going on because I had all the supportive evidence I needed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was accurate in my findings.

After six months of receiving their abuse I gave them a challenge. I chose just three of their quantum theories that I knew they had the technology to Prove right if they wanted to and said if you can prove any one of these theories right it means you will prove me wrong.

University here in Queensland

After another 3 years, still no-one could prove me wrong. In October of 2005 I took “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” to a couple of Professors at a University here in Queensland.

They told me that no scientist would ever agree with me because of the amount of Money and Power involved. They told me the way the system was set up, was anyone with a PhD can get a Government research grant and live a very luxurious Lifestyle and spend the money on what ever they wanted as long as they appeared to be doing the work of what they wanted the research money for in the first place.

They told me that even though the amount of supportive evidence I have for “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” would fill a football stadium; and that in comparison, all of the supportive evidence for the traditional sciences put together would only fit into a shoe box, it won’t make any difference in the long run because the leading scientists are in control of science around the World and I am just a nobody in other peoples eyes.

They said there were thousands of scientists around the world sharing in billions of dollars each year with these research grants and they are living a luxurious lifestyle paid for by the tax payer.

They have Money, Power, Prestige and a Luxurious Lifestyle and they are not going to give it up for anything.

They told me to forget about it

They told me to forget about it because I am as helpless to do anything about it just like in the days of Copernicus and how it took 200 years after his death before his knowledge was finally used.

As a result of this conversation I took my Website off the Internet in November 2005 as I had finally accepted the idea that my work was never going to be accepted while I was alive.

I was wrong. I did change the Scientists
understanding of how the Universe works

In 2015 I saw a documentary from NASA on how the Solar System was made. It was almost a word for word script from “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion”, including the use of the Phrase I had created, as in … “We do not live in a Nuclear Universe. We Live in a Universe made up of Electromagnetic Energy”.

Although they never gave me credit for the knowledge, it was clear they had changed their way of thinking and understanding of how the Universe works because they were using some of “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” to explain how it works.

They had changed their thinking from believing that we live in a totally Nuclear Universe to saying we live in a Universe made up of Electromagnetic Energy. Even though they still believe partly in a Nuclear Universe. They still believe the Sun is Nuclear generated. It is Not.

Before I put “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” on the Internet in 2002, the best NASA could come up with in relation to the Solar System creation was using the Accretion method which uses Relativity. With Relativity Dust Particles can’t be affected by Gravity so they couldn’t explain how the Planets and moons were made back then.

The Irony is that they didn’t quite understand what I was saying anyway and so they gave a misrepresentation of what I was saying. Because although they used my words to explain it all, they used different pictures which gave an incomplete view of what was really happening.

It was a play on words that I used back then; I wasn’t ready to give Mankind the real Knowledge of Gravity back then because I didn’t believe that mankind was ready for such technology. However, this has now changed.

I am now giving everything to the people

Due to the amount of Destruction that is about to happen on this Planet, I guess it really doesn't matter anymore and so I am now giving everything to the people of the World before it all ends.

And I am also doing it in way that everyone can understand it, because I have now made videos to explain it all. Even people who are not interested in science will be able to see and understand how it all works.

Giving my knowledge to the people

I am now going to show everyone around the World what is really happening at the Sub-Atomic level and let everyone see how wrong and inaccurate the knowledge is that we have all been listening to over the last few decades from the leading scientists around the Planet. (including NASA)

I must show you that the leading scientists of the World have pulled the wool over your eyes as well as the governments eyes and convinced you and everyone of a Universe that DOES NOT EXIST.

Mathematics is Not the Universal Science

Many Scientists and Professors believe and teach that Mathematics is the Universal Science or the Science of the Universe; However, this is completely wrong. Mathematics is just a Tool for us to use.

Just because they exchange numbers for letters and then exchange these letters for their individual Beliefs doesn't make it a part of reality.

And yet doing this has given them the power to control what people believe and are taught in the educational system of today. This is so wrong it is a Crime against Humanity.

These Mathematical Equations they create have Nothing to do with Reality.

Even though these scientists are highly intelligent people, they have lost their ability to be Real Scientists and are now just people living their life playing a Mind Game like the game Chess, except with these Mathematical Equations it is just a little bit more complicated to play.

At the end of the day though, these Mathematical Equations are still just a Mind Game to exercise the Brain Muscles and are Not a part of Reality.

Political or Financial Reasons

The leading scientists around the world and their Mathematical Equations have taken people so far away from Reality, that very few people in the scientific community now know which way is up anymore.

Whether or not they have done this for Political or Financial reasons is not important anymore. The only thing that's important is to bring back Reality to the people of the world so we can start fixing up the problems of our Planet and move toward a better life for all people.

To help you understand this statement, I have now made some videos to explain
“The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” and put them all on this Website. I will show you Reality with Real Supportive Evidence.

For those of you who are willing to put in the effort to watch the Videos and study the Knowledge, I will show you our Universe in the way it really is and not what they want you to believe.

And to start it all off I am going to give you an understanding of the Sub-Atomic Level like you have never seen before.

I will show you things about the Sub-Atomic Level that you’ve never heard of and show you Proof of how those things continue to control and manipulate our every day World and all things in the Universe. I will show you our Universe in the way it really is.

All Life – All Matter – All Energy

I will show you how everything you know about in this Physical World is made and connected, as well as where it all comes from. And I am talking about All Life – All Matter – All Energy.

I will show you how it all starts and why and how the Stars, Planets, Moons and Galaxies are made and prove to you that NASA and all Physicists and Astronomers around the World have no idea about it and that they have been on the wrong track ever since they started, because they want to believe in both a Nuclear Universe and the Theory of Relativity at all costs.

I will also show you exactly what Dark Energy is and what Dark Matter is and I will connect all of it all together with Absolute Proof. None of the traditional or leading scientists in the World apart from myself can give you this knowledge, because everything they believe in contradicts each other.

Such as Relativity, Newtonian Physics, Quantum Theory, Special Relativity, String Theory, The Big Bang Theory and Nature just to name a few. All of these things contradict each other and what’s more, all of the leading scientists admit this; and yet they still believe they know what’s going on when they can't join any of it together.

On the other hand; “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” joins everything together, because in nature there is no conflict. There is just one Universe and it all works in harmony within itself.

There isn’t anything the leading scientists of the World believe in about the Sub-Atomic Level that can actually be connected to the Physical World except Electromagnetic Energy. Their stubbornness and arrogance are stopping us from saving this Planet and I must now do something about it.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

David Parkes