David Parkes

My Work as a Physicist has enabled me to explain exactly

How the Sub-Atomic Level Grows,
Expands and Creates everything we know
about in this Physical World we live in,
with Absolute Proof of Accuracy.

About the Author and his Discoveries

All Life – All Matter – All Energy

"The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" is a new and exciting understanding of how the sub-atomic level creates our physical universe using the processes of Electromagnetic Energy. It is a very complex topic, however, it explains in minute detail the different stages of Expansion of Electromagnetic Energy to create the Physical Universe, including all matter, all life and all energy.

"The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" states that all matter in the universe is constantly attracting, expanding and sparking at the same time. This creates a balance between the two forces of Attraction and Expansion and the sparking that happens when two opposing Electromagnetic Poles touch each other. This process is both, what ‘creates’ the universe and what ‘holds’ the universe together, while it continues to expand.

The Parkes Principle was first proposed and explained in detail by Australian Scientist David Parkes in February of 2002 on his website. This website was taken down in November of 2005.

Parkes was a pioneer in the field of understanding how our Universe is made up of Electromagnetic Energy. He formed the phrase “We do not live in a Nuclear Universe; We live in a Universe made up of Electromagnetic Energy”. He then went on to explain in detail how it was so.

David Parkes believed the same forces that govern electromagnetism also governs the creation, expansion and attraction of matter, to not only create every Atom in the Universe it also governs the energy contained within.

"The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" has been largely ignored by the scientific community for over 20 years. This could have been due to the fact that Gravity itself was not mentioned within the Principle, as it was only referred to as the attraction part of the process. However, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that "The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" may be correct.

For example, recent studies have shown that the now current acceptable explanation of the processes creating our Solar System is now based on the attraction of Electromagnetic Energy.
(as in dust particles coming together through magnetic attraction to create the Stars and Planets)

If the Parkes Principle is correct, it will have a profound impact on our understanding of the universe. Because it explains why the universe is both, continuing to build Nebula Gas Clouds (which are the nurseries of Stars) and providing a complete understanding to the origin of all matter, all life and all energy; as well as why the universe is continuing to expand in all directions.

The Parkes Principle is a new and exciting idea that also explains in detail what Dark Energy and Dark Matter is and how they both operate within our Universe. It will revolutionise our understanding of the universe if it is found to be correct.

"The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" can now be found on the website:
https://theparkesprinciple.com. It is an important new and exciting website designed to communicate to the people of the world in a way that is both understandable and engaging.

It starts by introducing a Video that connects the Sub-Atomic Level with the Physical World. This is something that has never been done before in the history of science. It shows exactly what happens at the Sub-Atomic Level to create the conditions for our Senses to both form in the first place and continue to operate today.

Both the book and the videos are given in easy to understand concepts and everyone will be able to understand and enjoy them. The website does provide a course for those who would like to study "The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" in detail.

This current release of "The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" does explain Gravity in all of it’s details as well as explaining all of the unknown secrets of Gravity including how all objects vibrate; this in turn helps to create a complete understanding of why Light, Shadows and Colours do not exist in Nature. A discovery made by George Wald who was given a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1967 for this discovery.

"The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion" also explains everything there is to know about the processes of the expansion of Electromagnetic Energy; Where it comes from; How it starts; How it grows and how it expands to become everything we know about in Life today, including a complete understanding of Matter, Energy, Fire and the full spectrum of Wavelengths of Electromagnetic Energy.