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A New Era of Science

The expansion rate of Electromagnetic Energy is in all 'Three States of Existence'. Since everything in the universe is only made up of Electromagnetic Energy, having a science based on Electromagnetic Energy seems to be a common sense kind of thing to do.

'The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion' is an entirely new branch of science in it’s own right and is based entirely on understanding everything about Electromagnetic Energy.

In addition and part of it’s purpose is to look at the evidence of past, current and future experiments with an entirely new way of looking based on the concept that Atoms join together in a simple process of a linear and exponential growth rate through magnetic attraction and repulsion.

As a result of this research, 'The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion' has been able to answer every question in relation to Unification (a Theory of Everything) based entirely on Electromagnetic Energy.

By looking at other experiments from other scientists we can expand our own knowledge exponentially and this will help us to do things we may never have had the opportunity to do. We will all help each other.

Send in your experiments for others to see what you are doing and what the results are when they happen.

You will be given full credit for your work and this will give you a base network for getting others to see what you have done and/or achieved.

Send us the details of your experiment and a Link to your website to and we will publish them here on this website.

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