Not a Gas Giant

Another belief that astronomers have is that we have four gas giants in our solar system. (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). This is totally inaccurate and can be proven very easily. The trouble is that if astronomers were to admit that we don’t have four gas giants in our solar system, they would have to throw out most of what they hold to be true and no-one wants to rock the boat, so no-one looks. Relativity is so important to astronomers that most astronomers will avoid any subject that questions it.

In a universe made up of electromagnetic energy, Jupiter is a solid planet with an atmosphere. Some of the evidence for this is because there is an Aurora Borealis on Jupiter. This means the atmosphere is complete with a rotating solid planet creating an atmospheric pressure which includes having ice at the poles and in turn has cold moist air being forced out into space through centrifugal force.

It is because of this cold moist air being forced out into space that the Aurora Borealis is able to happen on earth and on Jupiter. The actual process of the Aurora Borealis is made up of ice cold water molecules hitting the magnetic field coming out of the poles of the planet at the same time as the ‘Bright Parlites’ from the sun are hitting it. It is also safe to say that someone must be looking at it or taking a picture of it or it does not happen.

This is because light, shadows and colours do not exist in the world around us. The Aurora Borealis is just like a rainbow, it is only there because of the observer. Without us seeing these vibrations light, shadows and colours will not manifest.