Why Do Most People Believe in a Fake Universe ?

Nobel Prize

As you learned in the Video "The Truth about Our Senses"; The 1967 Nobel Prize in Medicine was given to Ragnar Granit, Haldan Keffer Hartline and George Wald for proving that "Light, Shadows and Colours" do not exist in the world around us.

This Document will give you…

  1. A complete understanding of why this Major Discovery was Covered Up
  2. How this Cover Up changed the World to end up having most people (including the Leading Scientists) believe in and teach a Fake Universe.
  3. Why this Cover Up is no longer needed.
  4. How we can move forward and learn to understand exactly what the Real Universe is made of and how it works.

George Wald proved that; "Light, Shadows and Colours are put there by Our Brain between the Cones on the Retina at the back of the Eyes and the Cortex of the Brain. To even qualify for a Nobel Prize in those days, any Discovery must be reproduced by other independent scientists to ensure the Discovery is 100% Real.

This Discovery had Major Ramifications that would affect all Life and All People, especially in the Scientific Community. Unfortunately, the Leading Scientists of the day didn’t know what to do about it because the task was way above their heads and didn’t know what it meant in the big picture. They just knew how scary it was, so they decided to stage a Cover Up.

The Cover Up Phrase

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase: “There is no such thing as Colour in Life and that everything is simply Black and White”.

This means you have been tricked and persuaded by this Cover Up to believe in a Fake Universe as this phrase was used to Cover Up George Wald’s Discovery. They did this because they realise that if ‘Light Does Not Exist in Nature’, then they are also wrong about Einsteins' theory of “General Relativity”.

By using this Cover Up phrase the focus was taken off “Light Not Existing in Nature” and allowed the theory of the Speed of Light to continue.

Almost everything they thought they knew about the Universe back then, revolved around the 4 Forces of the Sub-Atomic Level, Einsteins' theory of “General Relativity” and Light travelling at 186,000 miles per second.

If they were to acknowledge George Wald and his Colleagues Discovery; then they would have to admit to the World that they didn’t know much at all about the Universe. In addition to this, every Teacher, Professor and Educator in the World would have to be retrained, as well as rewriting and replacing all of the science books in the Worldwide Educational System.

Patterns of Radiation

The major problem back then was… No-one knew what the People and the Educators had to be trained in. They didn’t have the knowledge. This was the first time they had ever heard about Patterns of Radiation with Different Frequencies and Intensities and they simply did not know what it meant in the big picture.

To train all Educators around the World on something they knew nothing about, was such an insurmountable and impossible task, they simply chose not to try to do it at all. They decided to put it on the shelf for the time being and cover it up, because the Truth would cause Major Panic around the World within the scientific community. (leaving many Scientists, Teachers and Students feeling lost, helpless and no longer qualified)

In addition to this, although probably not a priority; As a result of this decision to cover it up, the scientists were able to keep their jobs; keep the research grants they were receiving for all the research they were doing every year and Life went on as normal with the World continuing to listen to every word they say.

Everyone forgot that “Light Does Not Travel”

Unfortunately, within the next two decades time went by so fast that everyone forgot about the Fake Universe being created. This Fake Universe had become real in peoples minds as they completely forgot that “Light Does Not Travel”. As more and more students turned into PHD graduates over the years and gradually replaced the older Leading Scientists as they retired, the Fake Universe became more exhilarating, more exciting and more electric.

Over the last 50 years the Leading Scientists around the World including NASA have become more sophisticated and more powerful than ever before to maintain the forgotten Cover Up and keep the Fake Universe in the Spotlight.

Although I don’t think this is intentional. I think they have also been convinced to believe in the Fake Universe as well through their own early education and have unknowingly wasted most of their lives believing in it and working for it.

I believe that most of the Leading Scientists around the World including NASA Scientists and Educators, when they learn of “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” and the knowledge it contains, they will be looking forward to moving their thoughts over to the Real Universe. As they are some of the smartest people on the planet with Integrity and Honour and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to waste any more of their time on an Illusion for any longer than is necessary.

This Fake Universe might have been acceptable to the Leading Scientists of the 1960’s and 70’s because they could not find any other way. But the time has now come to ‘Start Facing Reality’ as we now have the Knowledge to retrain and re-educate the World with Real Knowledge of the Universe.

Exactly what is the Fake Universe?

The Leading Scientists around the World believe and tell us that they can measure all Objects in the Universe based on the Speed of Light and Gravitational Force in relation to Einsteins’ theory of General Relativity. (which is just a Mathematical Equation) In reality Light Does Not exist in Nature, which also means that General Relativity Does Not Exist either.

The following are some of the parts of The Fake Universe we are taught to believe in...

  • The Light of Stars coming from Nuclear Reactions
  • The Belief of the Age of Stars and Planets
  • The Belief of the Age of the Universe
  • How Big an Object is and How Far Away it is
  • How Heavy an Object is and How Dense it is
  • How Bright an Object is and How Hot it is
  • The Belief that Black Holes Exist and Gravity has Waves
  • And Many Many More

These beliefs are stopping everyone from seeing reality.

The Leading Scientists around the World make up Mathematical Equations and then tell us things about what they see through their telescopes based on those equations. This then continues to reinforce a Fake Universe in peoples minds because people have no reason to disbelieve them and it does sound really exciting.

The Fears, Doubts and Insecurities of those past Leading Scientists who orchestrated the Cover Up no longer apply because the knowledge we need is now here. The World needs people with Courage to stop this belief in a Fake Universe from continuing !!!

“The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” is an entire branch of science in it’s own right. It is also Unification in it’s complete Form, with a huge amount of Supportive Evidence including using the discovery of George Wald and his Colleagues.

We Live in a Universe made up of Electro-Magnetic Energy
We DO NOT Live in a Nuclear Universe.

“General Relativity” only has 3 Points of Supportive Evidence that are only seen in Outer Space. The main one being…Gravitational Lensing which is the bending of Light due to Gravity. The second one is Redshift, which is again dealing with Light. And you now know that ‘Light Does Not Exist in Nature’.

“Space Saturation” (which is made up of Electromagnetic Energy), has a Massive Number of 35 Points of Supportive Evidence.

The differences between “General Relativity” and “Space Saturation” are truly staggering in comparison. And most of the Supportive Evidence for “Space Saturation” is found on this Planet.

If you are interested in finding out exactly what happens at the Sub-Atomic Level to create our Physical Universe. “The Parkes Principle of Attraction and Expansion” will show you in absolute detail how it happens. It will also do it by Directly Linking the Sub-Atomic Level to the Physical World.

This is something that can’t be done with the current theories and knowledge or Mathematical Equations of the Leading Scientists around the World and their Fake Universe.

The first video on the Website; https://TheParkesPrinciple.com shows you step by step how the Sub-Atomic Level was fully responsible for creating each of our Senses.

Learn about the Real Universe

The knowledge on the Website will introduce you to Our Real Universe which is made up of Electro-Magnetic Energy. You will learn in a step by step process everything there is to know about…

  • How it all Starts
  • How it all Grows
  • How it all Expands to become everything we know in life today including the Stars, Planets, Moons, Galaxies, Wavelengths of Electro-Magnetic Energy and more.

Everything we know about our Physical World is explained and connected.

This is all done by using only ‘One Mechanism’ which is the Positive and Negative Fields of Electro-Magnetic Energy and comes with heaps of Supporting Evidence.

There are many videos to watch on the Website explaining everything in detail making it very easy to understand, as well as giving you all the supportive evidence you need to see that it is real.

  • If educators would like to make an even bigger difference in Children's Lives.
  • If they would like to Help Others they don’t know and Help Make a Better World.
  • If they have the courage to learn about what Electromagnetic Energy is and where it comes from.

Maybe they too can help start teaching the Children about Reality before it’s too Late. Before too many more highly intelligent children grow up to be adults and end up wasting most of their life continuing to believe in and work on a Fake Universe, like so many children before them.